Wednesday, November 9, 2011

19 kids and STILL counting....

I'm sure no one who follows the show 19 Kids and Counting is the least bit surprised at the Duggars latest announcement....they are expecting.....again. How, exactly, is one supposed to react when the Duggars announce for the 20th time that they are having yet another child. I mean, surely, the element of surprise was lost somewhere around child number 8, 9, 16......Not that it's any of my business, well, actually, it put your life on television, that kind of makes it my business....BUT.....I think it's getting a little out of control. What the heck are you thinking having 20 children? And her poor, poor uterus. Ugh. That thing has got to be begging her for mercy at this point! Nearly 20 years of being pregnant, I think it's high time she let that thing retire! It's done its work. Let it rest! It needs a vacation!

And what in the world are they going to name this 20th child of theirs? If you follow the show at all, you know that all of their children have names that begin with the letter "J". I'm pretty sure they're exhausting all the options at this point. There aren't many names left. They've used nearly all of the possible choices.

I wonder if they'd like to take suggestions for possible names. I have a few. In no particular order, here they are: "JimBobputthatthingaway", "JoeKing" (as in, you've got to be freaking joking), "Justgivemethebirthcontrolandnobodygetshurt" and my personal favorite, "Jesuswhat'sthematterwithus"

Honestly, there needs to come a point (very soon) where they STOP counting. This could, theoretically go on FOREVER...I mean, 19 kids...and counting. I'm pretty sure that the Duggars must not have gotten the message that the goal was not to count to infinity and beyond. And I'd like to know what her doctor's advice to her is. I can't imagine that it's "Sure, keep popping them out like you're a Pez Dispenser. I highly recommend abusing your body that way to ALL my patients". I'm sure, somewhere deep down, her doctor must be thinking, "You know...that thing has seen its 15 kids ago. Give it a rest!"

To each his own, I guess, but, I have to wonder if it's ever going to stop. At the rate they are going, they will, most likely, account for half the population in their town on the next Census.

So, congratulations, I guess, to the Duggars and their ridiculously large small city of a family.


  1. Not to mention that #19 was born ridiculously early and was in the NICU like, FOREVER. So, she's pregnant. . . and usually the baby comes even earlier than the one before it. . . so was it born already???? Also, she should name it "Mynamestartswithajandifyouareesp-isk,you'llguessit."

  2. What annoys me the most is that they are "celebrities" for the same accomplishments of...oh say... an alley cat. And the viewers are supporting their family. When is the show going from X and counting to a new form of the show Hoarding?

  3. Third-isk: I've actually viewed one episode of this show. . . and it sorta makes me sick. As much as my kids "helped" me with the smallest when she was born, Michelle Duggar has mini concentration-isk camps going on. Every sibling is "in charge" of 2 or 3 small ones. WHO IS THE MOTHER HERE??

  4. Of course I disagree. I think they are an awesome family, I have watched it often and almost always catch them on the Today show when they are anouncing their next. Although I do think they could rest just a while. Those children are raised better than most kids I know..respectful, each are learning responsability beyond most and will be self- suffient. They are to me what you call a real family with real family ideals if you have watched the show. ...but then I'm a little old fashion and they are following their religion according to what they believe. The dad is a little pushy at times but with that many kids you can't sit back with your thumb in your mouth. At least he is involved. I would on the other hand give anything to be as CALM, and the half mother that I have seen in her...she's awesome and so sweet and loving. Heck they all had a huge part in building their own home...who can say that. Most of the dugger's kids can do twice as much as the children I see today. I say go forth and have as many as you want mama Dugger as long as you happy in this role.