Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Material?

So, I've been playing along with the "Today I am thankful for...." theme on Facebook these past few days when a friend of mine suggested I should be a writer. Then another friend asked if I had ever considered blogging. I told my friend that I had actually started a blog some time ago, but just didn't have any material. She replied, "no material? You've been posting material on here for a week." Touche. So, in taking her friendly advice, I've decided that it's time to just start posting! Here are a couple of the posts, with some additions, which I've shared this past week. Enjoy (or not. That's up to you!) :)
I am thankful for good friends, for they are few and far between. Difficult to find, yet easy to keep. The ones who matter know you and like you anyway. :) They understand you, even when you don't understand yourself. They don't let misunderstandings or disagreements divide. They let them teach. And they understand that just because you are friends with many things in common, that doesn't mean you'll always see eye to eye. And they're OK with that. Three cheers to good friends! This post is especially true because recently I have discovered that some friends are truly interested in only themselves, and as the saying goes, "a friend in need is a friend indeed". That statement couldn't be more true. Sometimes we discover that friendships are completely one-sided. And sometimes we learn that fair-weather friendships aren't the type worth salvaging. If it takes a lot of work to keep a friend, it's probably not worth it. Friendships should be easy. I'm not saying there will never be difficulties, but it shouldn't be a burden to try to maintain a relationship. Some lessons we learn the hard way. That's O.K. It makes us stronger and wiser and more aware of what a real friendship is, what it isn't, and what it should be. So, be thankful for your true friends. They are a rare and dying species. :)
I am thankful that I am in a relationship with no drama and ridiculousness. A marriage that is built on friendship, mutual trust, and mutual respect. A marriage where sometimes we agree to disagree and understand that it is OK to do so and there's no love lost between us for it. A marriage where we are supportive and understanding of one another. Where we realize that we learn from our mistakes and move on and make improvements where needed. A relationship that is ever-evolving, yet there is one constant: We love and respect one another. It's sad that not all people have figured out how to have this. My husband and I are the best of friends. We are each others' biggest supporters. We have each others' back. Isn't that what it's all about? Without these qualities, what do you really have in your relationship? I mean, if we can't agree to disagree, we'd be at the divorce lawyer's office every other day. We aren't always going to agree; after all, we are individuals. It's normal to not share the exact same view on every minute detail of life. What isn't normal is the folks who enter into a marriage, a life long commitment, yet run at the first sign of adversity. That is not normal. That is cowardly. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there are plenty of reasons in a relationship to head for the hills....but disagreeing certainly isn't one of them. I love my husband. And he deserves more respect than for me to be angry because we disagree. As long as it is handled in a mature and appropriate manner, I think disagreeing every now and then is actually healthy. Who wants to live with a person who agrees and goes along with every single thing they say? Not me! That would just be boring. And don't read more into that than is necessary. I'm not saying, at all, that I enjoy conflict. I'm saying that if you want someone who agrees with every little thing you say and do, maybe you should buy a puppet, because that's not what a spouse is for!
More later!

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